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stay ahead of
airborne viruses

Sometime you can’t stop your home or office activities to have things disinfected, or you don’t need a corrective disinfection treatment – you just need help staying ahead of airborne germs, viruses or pet odors.

In such cases, we offer plasma-based disinfection technology that can be placed on your desktop, wall-mounted, or installed in your HVAC system to continually disinfect your home or office while you live, work, and sleep.

(Type of unit required is based on size of room or specific need. On-site inspection is required for accuracy.)


Portable disinfection units by Novaerus are ideal for continuous infection control, odor mitigation and air quality maintenance. These units are on the front lines of healthcare facilities, especially long term care, where special or compromised patients continually need protection from the spread of infectious diseases. This commercial healthcare solution can now be used in your home or office.

supplement with surface treatments for best results

see it in action below