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Enviro-Home is at the forefront of green technology providing an effective 6-log (99.9999) kill with little or no disruption to normal activity. Most exciting of all, the residue from our service is completely green, leaving behind only water and oxygen.

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While Enviro-Mist Inc. provides disinfecting and sterilizing services to the pharmaceutical, health-care and specialized commercial markets, Enviro-Home provides services for common and everyday applications.

During the years of servicing highly-regulated markets, requests for commercial grade disinfecting of residential and small business settings arose.

Therefore, we formulated affordable options to deliver the commercial grade disinfection services commonly used by pharmaceutical facilities; making them accessible for the client that desires something more powerful than an over-the-counter disinfecting product.

Why it's
in demand

Clean air and surfaces are no longer the concern of just ‘germaphobes’. New superbugs, flu strains, and allergens are consistently being reported.

Consumers are more informed and desire commercial grade products to address the needs of their families. Much like Wolfe, Viking and Miele make professional-grade kitchen products for homeowners. Enviro-Home provides commercial-grade disinfection for the discerning residential client.

Energy-efficient, tightly-closed homes can inadvertently cause indoor air quality problems. Lack of proper ventilation can lead to mold growth and lock VOC’s indoors.

Families spend more time in their homes where indoor air is more problematic than outdoor air. Germs are spread between family members. Parents can’t afford to miss work. Kids can’t attend daycare if they’re sick. Disinfected indoor environments keep people healthy longer.

A person doesn’t have to make direct contact with a healthcare facility to be exposed to an infectious disease. Preventing and eradicating outbreaks is why Enviro-Home exists.

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