Air Quality
Scans and Testing

Air quality testing with instant results

We perform several types of testing to provide answers, including:
We can
test for:





At the forefront of our testing services is Air Quality Scanning using InstaScope technology. InstaScope scans are different than traditional air samples and are superior in following ways:

  1. More accurate results than traditional air samples.
  2. computerized recognition of particles removes human error from analysis.
  3. Dynamic testing allows us to roam and scan entire rooms instead of stationary testing
  4. Instant results, on-site, as soon as scan is completed. Not 2-3 days for lab analysis.
  5. Roaming scans makes pinpointing problem areas in a room or home possible.
  6. More affordable option for testing and entire home.
  7. Unparalleled accuracy is more defensible in court should you need it.